It was legen-wait for it-dary. It really was though.

It happened a couple of years ago when I was travelling from India to Tanzania via Nairobi. It was a stop in the middle that lasted longer than it should have, credit to obviously yours truly.

I don’t have any excuse this time. So yeah.

Everything was fine till only boarding was left for my flight from Nairobi to Tanzania.

I landed in Nairobi. Did everything we are supposed to do and sat on the seat in the front most row right in front of the place where the boarding starts. The below picture is almost an exact representation. My drawing is insanely accurate. Not to brag but I am quite the artist as you can most obviously see.

A drawing by the author showing the author sitting on the front most seat in front of the boarding gate at an airport.
I know. My drawing is awesome.

Coming back to our story. I was sitting there after finishing up with all the procedures and waiting for boarding to start.

This was when it happened.


It was a very short nap. I know this because I remember seeing only 5 minutes remaining for boarding to resume. I slept and woke up just after the plane had taken off. As I said, a very short nap. But these are all later inferences when I was preparing for my justification & defence in the court of home. I am kidding. There was no preparation. I admitted everything and was freaking out. But not as much as I thought I would be.

Anyway, after I woke up from my nap feeling all fresh and all, I realized something weird. The TV screen was showing something really strange. Something like boardings over and the flight has taken off and a new number for a new flight. I was like what a joke. That's not right. I have yet to board.

I asked the airport staff standing by the podium there and they informed me that the flight had left.

Mind you, I have still not registered my predicament.

Then I went to the help desk and asked the person there. That person told the same thing. I stared at this person for a couple of seconds and this person stared back. I came to the side while thinking and it was only now that things were starting to sink in.

The next thing to do was inform my parents and inform I did. It was late in the night and thanks to me, they couldn't sleep well. Actually, they couldn’t sleep at all. But I am quite sure they have gotten used to me and my shit keeping them up at night so I don’t think that’s the problem.

The problem was after I contacted them the first time, I didn’t have a way to contact them again. I mean sure I did have a phone and laptop but for some reason, it was precisely this moment my phone chose to throw its tantrums and not work. And also, the internet provided was for a limited time period for a day and I had already used it.

In short, I had no means of contact with myself.

How is it that when you need things the most, they don’t work. I don’t get it. It has happened so many times.

I am so very fortunate like always that a sweet person from the airport staff became my contact person and I used this persons phone throughout. This person really helped me a lot. I feel so bad for not remembering their name or face but I will never forget the kindness they showed me and the help they provided me with. Give a shoutout and send love to this person guys.

I had money but not enough to buy another ticket either.

This was when another couple travelling to Tanzania helped me out.

My parents told me to find people to borrow from so that they could return the amount when we land. The issue was me. I had no confidence whatsoever and was so awkward and scared at doing this. Asking random people and strangers for help is really difficult, okay. You have to walk up to them by yourself, explain the situation and then yeah. Okay, it sounds easy now but it is not.

I mean look at what I brought upon myself. They ask me “So how did you miss your flight?” or “What happened?”. And I reply “I slept”. Super cool right? It was not.

However, I have always been very lucky ( Thank you so much, God, Mother Earth, The Universe and everyone ). So with my insanely good luck, this sweet couple helped me out in asking people. They didn’t have that much money at the time or couldn’t give for some reason but they helped out a lot too.

I don’t blame them because a shady kid running around asking for money seems super suspicious.

With their help in asking, we ultimately ended up finding a friend of my fathers.

Again the “I slept” thing happened, which was super awkward, and this connection of my fathers gave me money.

( This shows how important networking and connecting and all that is but I really don’t have it down at all )

The most enjoyable part of all of this was me eating frozen yogurt. It’s amazing. There was a shop at the airport selling it and I mixed and matched and had fun while eating it.

Please have frozen yogurt if you can. There are so many toppings and everything and it’s definitely worth a try.

I decided to not eat a lot and thought I would eat the next day but sadly it closed down for renovation or something. It’s one of my lifelong regrets. I should have eaten it when I felt like it.

( This shows you should just go ahead and do it otherwise you will miss it. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. )

I also had biryani but that wasn’t good. I also roamed around the roamable area at the airport and got tired and exhausted.

That short nap after which I woke up feeling fresh cost me so much. Well my parents technically, but still.

And no one lets me forget it. My grandfather especially has fun bringing it up. I would most probably do the same. My grandparents are very cute and so are my parents. My brother slept through this whole ordeal. Proof he is my brother.

All in all, a great experience which hasn’t let me sleep at the airport ever since. No matter how tired or close to dying I am, I will not sleep at the airport.

I have also missed a train once and almost missed buses. It’s a travelling thing with me. I have literally started 1.5 hours early for a place that I should reach in about half-hour and still ended up almost missing. I don’t know but it just happens. I either reach too early or too late. All this is for another time though.

Have any travel stories or any stories or anything for that matter you would like to share? Please do.

And lastly, you really have got to try frozen yogurt. It is amazing. Also, did I use the word super a lot?

A cup of frozen yogurt.
A cup of frozen yogurt.

Kushagra is a 22 year old going through a period of colossal unlearning. He is best at his favourite yogic asana which is Shavasana, also known as corpse pose.